Sintered Stone

Lapitec is the material of the future: 100% Made in Italy, elegant, sustainable and highly performant. Lapitec is made from a mixture of natural minerals which is first melted at 1,580°C, and then subjected to a vacuum vibro-compression technology. With innovative tech which is supported by 25 patents, Lapitec offers design versatility, and the guarantee of an excellent aesthetic result combined with optimum technical performance.

Sintered Stone

Sintered Stone Features


  • Lapitec®

    Lapitec® is a highly versatile product made from sintered stone.

    Available by UGM in large slabs with a 2cm thickness, Lapitec combines the best qualities and benefits of ceramics, porcelain stoneware, quartz, marble and granite. Lapitec is a “full-body” material with "through-body" veining: the exterior and interior are identical, without enamel and digital printing on the surface. This feature allows Lapitec to be machined across its full thickness while ensuring consistent appearance and performance.


    * 10-year warranty – Lapitec® is an innovative, high-performance product guaranteed for 10 years.

  • Great for Every Application

    Lapitec surfaces are used not only as an indoor and outdoor surface covering, but also for rooftops, yachts, swimming pools and much much more.  The total absence of porosity of the surface makes Lapitec ideal in terms of hygiene and ease of maintenance.

  • Durable and Resistant

    Free of porosity, it is resistant to heat and frost, UV rays and scratches. It is non-absorbent and is resistant to dirt, mould and bacteria. Lapitec also stands the test of time and is not susceptible to atmospheric and domestic agents.

  • Unique Surface Textures

    Lux: High-gloss polish

    Satin: refined matt finish

    Vesuvio: Brushed finish

    Velluto: Satin fingerprint-less finish

Sintered Stone Lapitec Colors

Lapitec Colors

  • Bianco Assoluto - Lux & Satin Sintered Stone

    Bianco Assoluto - Lux & Satin

  • Bianco Assoluto -Vesuvio Sintered Stone

    Bianco Assoluto -Vesuvio

  • Bianco Vittoria - Lux & Satin Sintered Stone

    Bianco Vittoria - Lux & Satin

  • Nero Assoluto - Velluto Sintered Stone

    Nero Assoluto - Velluto

  • Grigio Piombo - Vesuvio Sintered Stone

    Grigio Piombo - Vesuvio

  • Grigio Cemento - Vesuvio Sintered Stone

    Grigio Cemento - Vesuvio