Virtual Stone Gallery Tours

Wednesday, August 16, 2023

UGM is pleased to offer walk-in customers the option of a scheduled “Virtual Stone Gallery Tour” where they can view and select our material from the comfort of their home using their tablet/mobile device!  Follow the steps below:


  1. Visit UGM’s live online inventory for your local UGM location.


  1. Write down a maximum of 5 materials you would like to view during your virtual tour. If you can’t narrow down the exact materials, write a description of the color and material types you are most interested in, and your UGM tour guide will provide you with a series of related options.


  1. Download & setup the app “Whatsapp” onto the device where you plan to view your Virtual UGM tour. Or, if you’d prefer, UGM can send you a recorded video with the material you picked out (just request this option when you call).


  1. Call or email your local UGM location to schedule a time for your “Virtual Tour”. Provide us with your preselected materials, your email address, and the phone number associated with your Whatsapp account.


  1. At the time of your scheduled appointment, your UGM tour guide will call you via Whatsapp and your Virtual Tour will begin.


  1. Following the “Virtual Tour”, UGM will email you photos of the material which you requested or selected during your call.