U-Quartz Printed Surfaces available now!

Thursday, April 11, 2024

With our new U|Quartz Printed Series get ready to experience a jaw-dropping transformation in home design with the latest innovation in quartz surface technology! Available in 6 premium colors, this groundbreaking collection bridges the gap between technology and aesthetics, redefining what's possible in the world of home decor.

This new U-Quartz Printed Series utilizes patented new technology which is capable of producing near exact-replicas of exotic natural marble patterns in the form of quartz slabs. These 2cm slabs include a high-definition "print" on the surface which penetrates 1mm into the material, creating an unparalleled visual depth of pattern and beauty.

These U-Quartz Printed Surfaces can be fabricated just as easily as other full-body quartz slabs and include hyper-realistic patterns as opposed to many other engineered stone products available in the market.

Fashioned from a premium hybrid material, U-Quartz Printed Surfaces incorporate up to 70% recycled materials in its slab composition. This significant utilization of recycled materials notably diminishes the production of respirable silica content, thereby fostering a manufacturing process that is markedly more sustainable and environmentally friendly.

Whether it's a sleek countertop in the kitchen, a luxurious accent wall in the living room, or a dazzling tabletop in the dining area, our U-Quartz Printed Surfaces effortlessly blend style and resilience. With an array of timeless, marble-inspired patterns, U-Quartz provides the perfect canvas for your creativity, ensuring each space becomes a unique masterpiece that captivates and inspires.