Vadara’s 2024 Collection

Tuesday, June 18, 2024

As the exclusive Midwest distributor of Vadara quartz, UGM Surfaces is thrilled to announce the arrival of Vadara’s stunning 2024 collection, featuring seven new colors and patterns. In a time when bold statements and vibrant colors are becoming increasingly popular in kitchen design, nature serves as an awe-inspiring muse. Vadara has masterfully captured the essence of cavernous Scandinavian fjords, the serene waves of desert sands, and the warm tones of Mojave red rocks at sunset in their latest quartz surfaces.

The 2024 collection embodies this natural beauty, bringing it into the heart of your home. These new designs are perfect for elevating your kitchen’s aesthetic with selections that are both on-trend and timeless.

Recent trends show a shift away from all-white or white-and-gray kitchen schemes, with designers now favoring neutrals accented by greens and blues to create a stronger connection to nature. According to the National Kitchen & Bath Association’s 2024 Kitchen Trends research, 68% of designers aim to "create a sense of nature, calm, and harmony" with their color choices this year. Vadara’s new quartz collection provides the ideal options to achieve this harmonious connection with nature. Top colors for kitchens include greens (32% of designers), wood tones (28%), whites (26%), and blues (25%).

Here are the highlights of Vadara’s 2024 additions:

Scandi Blue, drawing inspiration from the sapphire blue waters of Norwegian fjords. This Calacatta marble-inspired quartz features a bright white background with bold, dynamic blue, brown and rust veining. Scandi Blue works especially well with blue cabinetry in a cool color scheme.


Desert Blush, also a Calacatta marble-inspired quartz, places rust veining on a bright white background and conjures the spirit of the Mojave Desert, with an array of warm hues glowing in the waning light of sunset. Desert Blush complements wood tones, grays and browns in a warm environment.


Gossamer Sands evokes daybreak over the rolling dunes in White Sands National Park with marble-inspired quartz, a bright white background and delicate light brown veining. This timeless design fits beautifully into any color palette, especially with natural woods.


Safari Delta – Calacatta marble-inspired quartz, featuring a bright white background with bold, dynamic taupe and brown veining.


Golden Scribe – Calacatta marble-inspired quartz, featuring a bright white background with bold, dynamic tan and blue-gray veining.


Moonlit Lace – Calacatta marble-inspired quartz, featuring a bright white background with dynamic cream and taupe veining


Terra Vista – Poanazzo calacatta marble-inspired quartz, featuring a white, tan and gray background with flowing beige, gray and rust veining.


Visit UGM Surfaces today to explore these exquisite new designs and bring the beauty of nature into your home with Vadara’s latest quartz surfaces.